Name Advisor Degree Awarded Dissertation Title
Kyler Aqueche 2023 Masters
Payton Demarzo 2023 Masters
Ian Matthews 2022 Masters
Julia Chung 2023 Analytical Electrochemistry for Biosensing
Josh Dolinsky 2023 Masters
Yi-Li Lam 2020 Masters
Zach Aralis 2024 Sequencing Technologies in Virology: Advancing Pathogen Detection and Understanding Viral-Host Interactions in Human Retinal Organoids
Emaleigh Curl 2023 Masters
Liam Dow 2023 Reduced-ordered in vitro models to study mechanical signaling through cell-cell contacts
Mohamed Faynus 2023 Studying retinal diseases using stem-cell derived models
Mohamed Faynus 2023 Studying retinal diseases using stem-cell derived models
Orellana Cesar 2020 Masters
Josh Kenchel 2022 **
Joshua Kenchel 2022 **
Sarath Pathuri 2018 Masters
Michael Weingart 2018 Masters
Sam Wilson 2019 Masters
Tyler Brown 2017 Masters
Bretton Fletcher 2023 A novel role for free oligomeric tubulin in cross-linking tau-mediated microtubule bundles
Hannah Gustafson 2022 **
Hannah Gustafson 2022 **
Evan Janzen 2021 Evolutionary Emergence, Optimization, and Co-Option of Aminoacylation Ribozymes
Yanxian Lin 2020 Elucidating the Driving Forces from Tau Molecules to Droplet
Rustin Mirsafavi 2020 Detection of drugs and related substances by microfluidic based surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Ian Morgan 2021 Glassy dynamics in an intrinsically disordered protein region
Kevin Peng 2017 Masters
Claire Tran 2020 Elucidating the effects of nucleic acid aptamers on protein aggregation
Sam Verbanic 2020 Characterization of the Bacterial and Viral Fractions of the Chronic Wound Microbiome and Their Associations to Clinical Outcomes
Tiffany Halvorsen 2020 Complexities in crossing membrane barriers: new members of the CdiA and CDI ionophore protein families reveal novel mechanisms for receptor-binding and intoxication of target cells
Kiho Song 2020 Programmed Secretion Arrest and Receptor-Triggered Restart of CdiA during Contact-Dependent Growth Inhibition
Leah Foltz 2018 Patient-Derived Stem Cells for Modeling Splicing Factor Retinitis Pigmentosa
Izzy (Maria) Jarvis 2017 Probing microfluidic devices using drug loaded nanocrystals in breast cancer studies
Megan Larisch 2017 Masters
Nicole Leung 2019 Opsins: a new class of chemical receptors for taste
Eric Valois 2020 The Role of Redox Chemistry in Mussel Byssus
Dan Nguyen 2018 Self-assembling DNA complexes: an in vitro platform to probe the relation between transcription and condensed DNA phases
Brett Cook 2011 Mechanistic Distinctions of Peripheral Neuropathies Induced via Microtubule-targeting Agents
Grant Gucinski 2017 Delivery and Activity of Contact-Dependent Growth Inhibition Nuclease Toxins
Esther Taxon 2018 "Mechanism and Activation of the Iron(II) Dependent Alcohol Dehydrogenases Using gamma-hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase as a Model"
Matthew Lalli 2015 Functional Genomics Approaches for Understanding Neurological Disorders
Dusty Miller 2015 Adhesion beyond the interface: Molecular adaptations of the mussel byssus to the intertidal zone
Anna Simon 2015 Rational Design of Cooperative Receptors and Responsive Materials
Jacob Somerson 2018 Translating electrochemical aptamer-based sensors to real-world applications
Joy Erickson 2016 Expression patterns of legume-specific cell wall proteins and their genomic organization in Medicago truncatula & Investigating the relationship between post-translational modification and AFP2 function
Jessica Kubicek-Sutherland 2015 Host-Pathogen Interactions Influencing Bacterial Countermeasures
Matthew Menyo 2015 Fine-tuning catechol reactivity in synthetic polymeric materials
Eric Terry 2017 A Microfluidic Temperature Gradient Device and Its Application toUncovering Temporal Systems of Robustness in the Developing Embryo of the Nematode C. elegans
Andreou Chrysafis 2013 Interfacial Transport Processes in Microfluidic Systems for Precision Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Britney Pennington 2015 Xeno-Free Derivation of Retinal Pigmented Epithelium from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
YerPeng Tan 2014 Understanding Squid Beak Biochemistry: A Model for Bio-inspired Gradient Material Processing
Herschel Watkins 2013 The thermodynamics of surface-bound biopolymers
Kareem Ahmad 2012 Building better diagnostics through directed evolution of biomolecules and by harnessing ubiquitous technology
Chris Brunquell 2012 Investigating the Role of Gro/TLE Degradation During Bit1-mediated Cell Death
Celeste Holz-Schietinger 2011 The regulation and enzymatic properties of the human DNA methyltransferase 3A
Andrea Jani 2014 The Rana Sierrae Skin Microbiome in the Face of Invasion by a Fungal Pathogen
Michael Lawson 2013 Spatial Stochastic Modeling and Simulation of Polarisome Formation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
John Ballew 2013 Characterization of antibody-epitope recognition and antigen discovery in autoimmune disease
Daniel Demartini 2014 Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Controlling Tunable Reflectance
Elie Diner 2011 A Tale of Two Domains: novel biochemical properties of a contact dependent inhibition (CDI) system from uropathogenic E. coli
Poornima Kolhar 2012 Biomaterial design for specific cellular interactions: Role of surface functionalization and geometric features
Jun Lin 2011 From single molecules to networks: studying biopolymers with magnetic tweezers
Javin Oza 2012 A biochemical linkage between methanogenesis and protein synthesis in hydrogenotropic archaea
Julie Dey Palter 2013 Programmed cell death and cellular stress: Insights from Caenorhabditis elegans pink-1 and icd-1
Adriana Patterson 2012 The Detection of Infection with Electrochemical DNA Biosensors
Amanda Trent 2012 Characterization of the genetic network of endoderm formation in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Armand Vartanian 2011 Structure of the Cytoplasmic Ring of the Bacterial Flagellar Motor
Kimberly Weirich 2012 Quantitative Investigations with Lipid Worms and Supported Bilayers
Anubhav Arora 2009 Designing Physicochemical Applications for Minimally-Invasive Transdermal Drug and Vaccine Delivery
Andrew Bonham 2010 Novel Optical Techniques for Exploring the DNA Binding Affinity and Specificity of Eukaryotic Transcription Factors and Transcription Factor Complexes
Kyle Chipman 2011 Integrative modeling of genomics data
Camille Lawrence 2013 Determinants of folding rates of cooperative biopolymers
Zhiqun Li 2010 Adenosine Deaminase Acting on RNA (ADAR1) as a Modulator of Innate Antiviral Immunity
Henry Mirsky 2010 Modeling and Analysis of The Mammalian Circadian Clock
James Neilson 2010 Kinetic Control of Aqueous Hydrolysis: Modulating Structure/Property Relationships in Inorganic Crystals
Aaron Newman 2010 Computational Methods for Exploring the Tandem Repeat Protein Universe
Scott Wasko 2010 Biochemistry and Structure-Function Relationships in the Proteinaceous Egg Capsules of Busycotypus canaliculatus
Lukmaan Bawazer 2010 Directed Laboratory Evolution of Biomaterializing Enzymes
Niels Holten-Andersen 2008 The Mussel Thread Cuticle: A Protective Coating of an Extensible Bio-Fiber
Alexey Koyfman 2008 Design, Investigation, and Application of Nucleic Acid Architectures
Dana Novak Moses 2007 Structure, Biochemistry, and Mechanical Properties of Glycera Marine Worm Jaws
Ben Youngblood 2006 Analysis of Conformational Transitions that Facilitate DNA Methyltransferase Specificity and Catalysis
Stacey Peterson 2007 Mechanisms of Escherichia coli DNA adenine methyltransferase and leucine-responsive regulatory protein as transcriptional regulators of the pap operon
Germaine Fu 2005 Calcium carbonate biomineralization: Characterizing the molecular mechanisms of protein-mineral interaction
Nathan Uter 2005 Kinetic origins of catalytic specificity in glutaminyl transfer RNA synthetase
Golnaz Badie 2005 Role of DNA Adenine Methylase in Regulation of Bacterial Gene Expression, Virulence, and the Elicitation of Immune Responses
Stephanie Snyder De Los Rios 2006 Biochemical and structural studies of Escherichia coli leucine-responsive regulatory protein
Jonathan Kohn 2005 Physical properties and engineering applications of unfolded proteins
Jeremy Schmit 2005 Intermolecular bonding in conjugated polymers
Aaron Hernday 2004 The mechanisms by which DNA adenine methylase, PapI and CpxAR regulate the pap epigenetic switch in uropathogenic Escherichia coli
Aaron Putzke 2003 Roles of a Caenorhabditis elegans Fer-type nonreceptor tyrosine kinase in morphogenesis and Wnt signaling
Lisa Lindert 2002 Cyclin-dependent kinase 2: Kinetic basis for regulation and substrate specificity
Jamie Bishop 2005 Characterization of microtubule-targeted drugs acting at the colchicine-binding domain
Keith Strohmaier 2005 Characterization of the genetic network of endoderm formation in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans