CK2 and kinesin -- a surprising new regulatory pathway


Dr. Steven Gross, Host: Fyl Pincus
UC Irvine

Date and Location

Wednesday October 22, 2014 11:00am
1601 Elings Hall


CK2 and kinesin--a surprising new regulatory pathway"

Abstract: The molecular motor kinesin moves along microtubules to transport a variety of subcellular cargos. While its function has been extensively studied, its regulation is less well understood. There is one canonical regulatory pathway, where the motors' head and tail interact: when the motor is unbound to cargos, the tail binds the head, inactivating the motor, but when bound to cargos via the tail, this inactivation is released. Now, we have discovered a second regulatory pathway, independent of head-tail interactions. I will discuss this new pathway.

Host:  Fyl Pincus