Date and Location

Thursday June 15, 2017 11:00am to 12:00pm
Elings 1601



The presentations will 10 minutes with 5 minutes for Q & A. Please be diligent about the time limit. 

Please organize the background of your talk so that the audience (who may know nothing about your research area) can grasp. 

(i) what hypothesis/goal you are trying to address/achieve

(ii) what the significance of success would be. You may need to provide a slide or two of very general background. Your challenge is to accurately frame the problem and provide some intelligible context within just a few minutes of speaking.  Powerpoint presentations are standard.

Give some idea of what you personally did with your research time, describe experimental procedures, show experimental data, present the results of some literature research you may have done, etc. Try to provide some summation and an idea of future directions for the research, even if your results are fairly limited.

The order of the presentations will be:

11- Connor Davis, Rotation Presentation

11:15- Rebecca Cheng, D. Montell lab

11:30- Thomas Nguyen, Chen lab

11:45- Michael Weingart, Lew lab